Hydraulic Flushing Equipment and Services

Get systems up and running quickly, cleanly and safely


Deliver a complete hydraulic pre-commissioning package


Mobilise project team and equipment quickly to site

6000 lpm flushing rig housed in a 20 foot shipping container

Bring the system to the required cleanliness efficiently


Extensive project experience minimise risk and downtime

Equipped to handle any flushing application

AFP maintains and operates a comprehensive flushing equipment fleet that caters to all project requirements. Combined with an experienced projects team, we are able to deliver the most effective outcome, whether it be for oil flushing of turbines, compressors, conveyors or lubrication pipework.

We have custom built some of Australia’s largest flushing equipment in order to perform high velocity flushing for large bore pipe. These flushing rigs are capable of delivery flow rates of up to 8,000LPM! Our growing equipment fleet contains many products, so you can make use of a HPU, flushing rig, filtration skid and fluid analysis unit for water/water glycol and mineral oils.

1070LPM flushing rig in a yellow steel lifting frame
testing and flushing hydraulic power unit for water glycol fluids
Mobile oil dehydrator unit
fluid contamination particle counter

Complete hydraulic pre-commissioning services

AFP also offers the following related services:

  • Test pack development
  • Project management
  • Pressure testing
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Flange management
  • Equipment hire

Past Projects

Car dumper prior to installation of lubrication pipework

Cape Lambert Port B Expansion

Flushing skid in shipping container performs hot oil flushing on the Inpex project

Inpex Hot Oil Flushing

Turbine lubrication pipework installation and flushing

Sino Iron Lubrication Pipework