HP & LP Test Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

Portable and compact HPU designed to supply low & high pressure for use in testing applications. HP system is rated to 15,000PSI and includes provision for accumulation


Water Glycol Test and Flush HPU

Water based unit for high pressure and low pressure hydrostatic testing (160Bar to 1240Bar) and flushing (1.2L/min to 45L/min). Features a carbon steel frame with 4 lifting points and a 200L tank.


High Flow Flushing Rigs

The flushing rig is designed to be used in flushing applications where flow rates up to 4000L/min are required. Fully self contained within a 20’ foot container, this unit consists of custom designed filters for highest flushing efficiency as well as touchscreen controls, allowing the operator to monitor system parameters and control the pump flow rate throughout the range.


Oil Flushing Rig

The flushing rig is designed to be used in flushing applications where flow rates up to 1070L/min are required. This unit is housed within an AS4991 lifting frame. The main components include a 1100L reservoir, 2 x 30 kW electric motors, 2 x double vane pumps, filter and an operator control panel with gauges/indicators.


Flushing Rig

This unit supplies high flow, low pressure mineral oil for use in flushing applications. Main components consist of a 1,300L reservoir, pumps, electric motor, filters, an operator control panel and a heat exchanger .



Diesel Powered Hydraulic Power Unit

General HPU designed to supply mineral oil at a range of flow rates and pressures for hose and pipework flushing.


Oil Dehydrator

This mobile vacuum dehydrator unit eliminates free and dissolved water and gases from hydraulic and lubrication fluids.


Oil Cooling & Heating Unit

Compact system regulates and controls fluid temperature to optimise flushing operation.


Nitrogen Gas Booster

Air driven gas boosters capable of developing gas pressures up to 1000 BAR (14,500 PSI). The gas booster’s compact size, minimal weight and robust design allows operation in many environments including mobile, fixed and offshore installations.


Pressure Test Pack

Compact unit incorporates a Haskel air driven pump to achieve testing pressures of up to 1380 BAR (20,000 PSI)


BOP & Valve Testing HPU

High pressure air driven Haskel pump generates pressure to 350 Bar and flow rate of up to 3.5L/min


High Pressure Mobile Test Cell

DNV certified test cell to perform offshore pressure testing up to 60,000PSI.


Particle Counters

Portable particle counting system for oil and water based hydraulic fluids, housed within a rugged case and equipped with a keyboard and LCD display.


Data Loggers

An essential tool in the working environment of hydraulic and pneumatic testing and commissioning.


Accumulator Skid

6x 400 Bar accumulators each with isolation, bleed, gauge and thermal relief per accumulator. Housed within an AS 4991 tested lifting frame.

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Non-Welded Piping

Non-welded piping, crimping and flaring tools


Hose Services Container

Fully equipped, transportable workshop for field assembly, maintenance and certification. Comes with complete set of assembly and testing equipment, storage for hose reels and components. Suitable for use in a safe zone.



The WALFORM+ machine creates positive-locking, weld-free tube connections that guarantee complete reliability, even under high static and dynamic loads.