Water Hydraulics

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Improvements to efficiency, lower costs and stringent environmental requirements have seen a surge in demand for water based hydraulic systems and equipment.

AFP’s focus on water hydraulics research and systems has helped expand our product range to include motors, pumps (Janus series), high pressure filters, valves and custom manifolds.

All moving parts are water lubricated to eliminate the need for oil lubrication and can operate using tap water, salt water, water-glycol and many other low viscous fluids.  Common materials include 316 or duplex materials making them highly resistant to corrosion and ideal for reverse osmosis applications.

High Pressure Valves

Valve series tested for zero leakage in dirty raw water operations up to 5,000 PSI.

Available in sizes ranging from DIN 16 (3/4”) through DIN 200 (8”)


BOC Quad S Cartridge Valve
BOC V010 Series Directional Control Valve


Standard and custom water power units and systems .

Water hydraulic systems are capable of matching general oil hydraulic systems in performance with the advantage of being completely oil-free.


Janus Power Packs


Fixed and variable displacement, high-pressure piston pumps

Displacement options range from 0.8-25CC/rev. Advanced materials provide excellent resistance to corrosion.


Janus Pumps


Standard cylinders range offers 32-100mm bores in single and double acting configurations.

Motors available in displacements of up to 225cc/rev and speeds of up to 4000 RPM.

Custom actuators can be manufactured to valve and system specifications.


Janus Cylinders


Available in directional, pressure-relief and reducing, flow control and proportional configurations. Seat-type seals eliminate leakage. Inline and manifold mounting interface options, including CETOP, allow for flexible system design.


Pressure control valve

Aussie Fluid Power is dedicated to supplying and distributing high quality water hydraulics components throughout the Australasia region.

With experienced mechanical and mechatronic engineers on board our team can help with any application that you can imagine. Through our systems integrators, water hydraulic systems can be scoped, designed, supplied and installed as a turn key project