RMF Fluid Conditioning and Monitoring

Authorised Australian Distributors

Desiccant Breathers / Vent Dryers

Desiccant breathers reduce water contamination levels, prolongs the life of additives and reduces oxidation of oil and bearing surfaces. These units are suitable for dehydrating hydraulic power units, lubrication and hydraulic oil tanks, storage drums, gearboxes and diesel fuel tanks.

Filter Systems

RMF systems filters are applied in By-Pass or Off-Line configurations. The system is constantly cleaning the oil from the reservoir before it passes to the main stream filter. This helps extend the usable life of both the filter and oil while reducing the frequency of oil changes and machine down time.

Vacuum Dehydration Units

The RMF Vacuum Dehydration Units  clean most types of oil such as lubricating, hydraulic, transformer and switch oils by removing particles, gasses, and water. The purified oil satisfied the most stringent quality requirements, including ISO 4406.

Condition Monitoring

Prevention is better then cure and condition monitoring is an essential part of a healthy hydraulic or lubrication system. The RMF Systems total package includes three important elements to help you monitor oil cleanliness: advice, analysis and condition monitoring equipment.