Hydrogen Generation

AFP are the Australian partners for Enapter. Their plug & play AEM Electrolysers turn renewable electricity and water into low-cost green hydrogen. Take one modular electrolyser, stack multiple modules or scale up production to megawatts with the ready-made AEM Multicore Electrolyser system.

Hydrogen Generation

The AEM Electrolyser 4.0

Enapter’s modular AEM Electrolyser Plug & play AEM Electrolysers can deploy single modules for smaller green hydrogen needs or reach megawatts of production capacity by combining many electrolysers.

  • Compact, scalable, modular design
  • Delivers low-cost, high quality hydrogen
  • Quick and easy installation with low maintenance requirements
  • Production rate per module: 500 NL/h or 1.0785 kg/24h
  • Hydrogen purity 99.9% (or > 99.999% with optional Dryer)

The AEM Multicore System

Megawatt-class electrolyser system featurease 420 AEM cores for optimum reliability and reactivity to fluctuating renewable energy. Make up to 210 Nm3/h of green hydrogen an hour (450 kg/d) at 99.999% purity with our 1 MW AEM Electrolyser. Applications may include:

  • Hydrogen refuelling stations
  • Renewable energy storage for developers, utilities & communities
Hydrogen Generation

System Integration

AFP are Enapter partners and distributors and will help you effortlessly integrate your hydrogen solution. Our team of engineers and technicians provide system integration of Enapter’s technology to the highest standard, ensuring customers receive the best service
and best end result.

  • Design customisation
  • System integration
  • Installation and commissioning
  • System upgrades and production scale-up
Hydrogen Generation