Chemical Metering – Water & General Industry

AFP are the leading experts for chemical metering solutions in Australia. Our chemical dosing systems and pumps feature state-of-the-art technologies to ensure safe control of processes for onshore and offshore facilities. Applications may include transfer and metered dosing of chemicals such as water treatment coagulants, polyelectrolytes, oxidants, adsorbents and pH correction agents.

Custom and pre-engineered packages are all designed and manufactured in-house at our facility in Perth, West Australia to ensure total quality management and expedited delivery. We are also the Australian Master Distributors for Milton Roy and LMI.

Chemical Dosing Pumps

AFP are the Australian Distributors for LMI and Milton Roy chemical dosing pumps.

The range covers standard electronic and motor driven pumps for capacities of 0.8LPH – 1800LPH and low/medium pressure application. Liquid end designs in polypropylene, PVC, PVDF and stainless steel ensures there is a model to suit any process fluid.

LMI Chemical Dosing Pumps
The LMI pump range covers an extensive line of compact electromagnetic chemical metering pumps designed specifically for water and wastewater treatment. These pumps offer robust and reliable performance, liquid end options for a wide range of chemicals, viscous fluids and slurries and enhanced controls for process automation.

Milton Roy G Series
The G Series dosing pumps offer 3 robust models capable of delivering flow rates between 2.5LPH – 1800LPH at low discharge pressures. Featuring mechanically-actuated diaphragms and multiple liquid end and material options, these pumps are designed to handle the various chemicals, high viscosity fluid and slurries used in the water treatment, industrial and food industry,

Standard Dosing Skids

AFP offers a range of pre-engineered HPUs that are designed to meet a broad scope of general hydraulic  control, testing and flushing applications. Verified and project tested, these designs provide a competitive solution in terms of price and turn-around time. Features can also be can be easily customised to meet your exact project requirements.

Dosu: Modular Chemical Dosing Skid – datasheet

• Rugged, chemical resistant pump panel with forklift pockets
• LMI Excel XR metering pump with mechanically actuated diaphragm for simple maintenance and reliable operation
• Pulsation dampener, calibration column, pressure gauge, isolation, relief and pressure sustaining valves as standard
Options :
• Alternative materials
• Flow monitor, controller, duty/standby configuration, enclosure, electrical instrumentation and more

Dosu-T: Chemical Dosing Skid with Tank – datasheet

Features :
• Available with a range of pumps and tank sizes
• Rugged bunded skid suitable for forklifting
• PE chemical tank
• PVC-U Schedule 80 piping system comprising pulsation dampener, calibration column, pressure gauge, y-strainer, isolation valves, pressure relief and pressure sustaining valves
• Dosing system mounted on HDPE backboard
Options :
• Fully enclosed dosing panel with self-closing doors
• Alternative piping and valve materials are available

Custom equipment package, manufactured in Perth for various chemical dosing, transfer and mixing skids

Custom Chemical Dosing Panels & Packages

AFP designs and manufactures chemical dosing systems that are engineered to your specific requirement. Having delivered many complex systems for wastewater treatment facilities in the past, our engineers are able to provide custom solutions that are site and application specific.

Our recent projects include the delivery of 30 custom chemical dosing panels for the Beenyup Stage 2 Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion. The project scope covered detailed design, fabrication assembly, FAT and engineering documentation of the 30 panels for mixing, dilution and delivery of various disinfectants, acids and neutralisers for water treatment.

Custom engineered chemical dosing and chemical metering panels.

Polymer Dosing

AFP now offers the Milton Roy Polypack range of pre-engineered Polymer Dosing Units for the activation, blending and dosing of polymer as a solution. The optimised designs deliver an effective, economic and flexible system using the smallest footprint. Milton Roy Polypacks are available in 3 models:

  • Polypack AP+ for continuous and automatic dosing/preparation of polymers in powder form
  • Polypack AE+ for continuous and automatic dosing/preparation of polymers in liquid/emulsion form
  • Polypack AM+ for manual and batch dosing/preparation in powder or liquid/emulsion form

Applications include:

  • Water treatment (flocculation of industrial and potable water)
  • Waste water treatment (physico-chemical treatment)
  • Sludge treatment (centrifuges, filter press to improve dewatering)
  • Paper industry (retention agent)
  • Various other industries (chemical, petrochemical, quarry etc)

POLYPACK M – Datasheet

Polymer dosing units for batch or manual preparation of polymers, powder and emulsion. Features include:
– Capacity: from 200 to 3000 litres
– Tanks in high density polyethylene anti-UV
– Powder disperser with hopper (7 litres capacity)
– Electric mixer on the tank

POLYPACK AP – Datasheet

Polymer dosing units for the continuous and automatic preparation of polymers. Features include
– Extraction / dosing flow: up to 13 340 l/h in standard version
– Up to 3 compartment tank for preparation, ageing and dosing
– Up to 3 electric mixers
– Control panel
– Ultrasonic level detector
– Option of hopper load for automatic refilling and extraction pump