Chemical Metering – Oil and Gas

AFP are the leading experts for chemical metering solutions in Australia. We specialise in systems and pumps for use in production facilities for the Oil and Gas industry. Typical process applications may include:

  • Production chemicals, such as wax inhibitors, asphaltene inhibitors or scale inhibitors or pour-point depressants;
  • (Produced) water treatment chemicals, such as corrosion or foam inhibitors, demulsifiers or biocides
  • Hydrate control chemicals such as MEG, LDH/KHI or methanol.

For industrial and municipal water treatment and chemical dosing applications, please visit our Chemical Dosing Equipment page.

Chemical Metering Pumps

AFP are the Australian Master distributors for Milton Roy. Their range of positive displacement pumps are designed to handle corrosive chemicals with high accuracy and reliability. The PrimeRoyal and MilRoyal series can achieve flow rates of up to 15,665 l/h and pressures to 1,000 bar.

AFP - the Australian Master distributor for Milton Roy chemical metering pumps. Supply, stockist and repair center.

Custom Skid Packages

AFP’s custom chemical metering systems can integrate multiple chemical services with associated single or multi-compartment storage tanks or pressure vessels. Our engineering team delivers optimised designs tailored to your project application, taking into account challenging footprint size and weight restrictions. Select from a range of dosing capacities, liquid ends, motors and skid frames to best meet your project requirements. Multidisciplinary packages are offered. Features can include:

  • Flow, level and pressure instrumentation for local and/or remote indication.
  • Control panels
  • Hazardous Area rated (IECEx or ATEX)
  • Diaphragm rupture detection
  • Range of liquid ends (SS316, plastic, exotic alloys)
  • Dosing capacity control

All custom equipment are designed and manufactured in-house at our facility in Perth, West Australia. Our quality procedures are enforced by inhouse inspection and sign-off points. Documentation deliverables may include:

  • General arrangement drawings
  • FAT (Factory Assessment Testing) reports and certification
  • Installation, operation and maintenance manual
  • Piping isometrics and 3D models
  • Manufacturer’s Record Book
  • CE technical files
  • Design report and datasheets
  • Welding procedures and qualifications
  • Paint procedures

Project: Pluto LNG, Australia

Hydrochloric Acid Injection Skid
Chemical designed for IECEx Zone 2 Hazardous Area, with API-675 pump delivering up to 35 litres/hour at 2 bar. Features include CPVC piping system, static mixer, flowmeter with interlock (to stop dosing pump on low flow in the main process line) and an acid resistant paint system

Project: Catcher FPSO, North Sea, UK

Chemical Injection Skid for Seawater Treatment
Seawater treatment chemical injection skid consisting of 5 independent systems that feature Milton Roy API675 pumps (mRoy and Milroyal), tanks designed to API and DVS standards and operating in a Zone 2 hazardous area. Chemical systems included scale inhibitor, PW chemical, coagulant, biocide and chlorine scavenger

Project: Kraken FPSO, North Sea, UK

Sulphate Removal Chemical Injection Package
Sulphate removal module chemical injection skid consisting of 6 independent systems that feature Milton Roy API 675 pumps (mRoy and MAxroy). Operating in a Zone 2 hazardous area, this unique unit was custom designed to fit in a tight footprint within the FPSO module.

Perth, West Australia

Ammonia Injection Skid
Custom chemical injection skid designed to produce an 10% aqueous ammonia solution by mixing ammonia gas with demineralised water in a dosing tank in a controlled manner. The scrubber unit removes any excess ammonia in the gas venting from the dosing tank.

System and Pump Repair

System & Pump Commissioning

AFP’s commissioning services take the guesswork out of integrating a new pump into an existing system or installing a new pump from scratch. Start-up assistance, system integration engineering, and training for operators comes complete with full engineering documentation and test reports.

Onsite Maintenance/Troubleshooting

Whether it is an emergency pump failure or routine maintenance, AFP’s team of experienced technicians are able to provide timely and quality service for onshore and offshore facilities. With support from the AFP engineering team and Milton Roy factory, the service range include pump audits, troubleshooting and maintenance scheduling.

Process Pump Performance Testing

AFP is able to provide testing services for various sizes of process pumps at our North Coogee facility. The facility is equipped with a dedicated process pump testing skid designed to accurately monitor flow rates and suitable for a range of pump flow rates and pressures, including testing to the API 675 standard.

AFP technician refurbishing Milton Roy chemical metering pump. API 675 performance testing available.