AFP specialise in water treatment systems and services with a strong focus on chlorination, disinfection and chemical dosing.

Chemical Injection Skids

Custom skids incorporate multiple injection systems each with regulation devices, automation and control. AFP’s skids are able to deliver high precision dosing at high flow and/or pressures across a wide range of chemicals and viscous or slurry-laden substances.

The skids are manufactured and tested to client requirements right here in Perth.


Service & Repair

AFP offers a complete and cost effective service for dosing pumps and hydraulic systems covering:

  • Strip, assess and repair
  • Component replacement
  • Supply of spares and service kits
  • Condition Reporting and recommendations
  • Maintenance

Valve Actuation

Hydraulic actuators presents a precise yet durable positioning control solution for industrial water treatment applications. Designed to withstand high duty cycle requirement, humidity, and harsh operating environments, AFP’s actuators require minimal maintenance so downtime and operating costs are greatly reduced.