Our ability to develop solutions from basic concepts through to execution and maintenance has seen us take part in Australia’s largest projects including Gorgon

Ballast Control Systems

Engineered solutions designed to position marine structures, maintain stability and monitor water levels. These packages comes complete with:

  • Wireless control manifold
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Winches

General Hydraulic Services

  • Pressure testing and flushing
  • Pipe and tube installations
  • Tug boat and winch system maintenance
  • Oil dehydration
  • Hydraulic system troubleshooting

Hose Audits & Replacement

AFP is the leading DNV GL approved manufacturer in Western Australia. Our dedicated Hose Department provides the full range of hose services including audits, assembly, testing, certification and refurbishment.

Recent Projects

Gorgon ballast control system

Tugboat Hose Audits & Upgrade

AMC Floating Dock Troubleshooting