Filtration and Fluid Management

Effective oil filtration and fluid management methods ensure hydraulic equipment are consistently protected and operating efficiently and productively. AFP’s team of experienced hydraulic personnel provide expert assistance and technical assistance for oil filtration and management services

Ensuring operating fluids meet the required cleanliness levels is key to any shutdown campaign or rotatable equipment overhaul. Our fluid conditioning services include:

  • Fluid transfer and filtration
  • Oil dehydration
  • Varnish removal
  • Oil polishing
  • Maintenance program development

Our fast and effective services and equipment can be tailored to your specific requirements to improve efficiency, diagnose potential problems and help prevent unscheduled equipment downtime.

Hydraulic oil cleanliness analysis

AFP’s fluid laboratory performs comprehensive analysis on all compartments, including engine and hydraulic oil testing, gearboxes, differentials, turbines as well as compressors, grease and coolant. Our reports can be presented to AS4059, ISO4406 and NAS1638 or another client specified standard. Additionally, results can also be verified by 3rd party NATA certified labs.

Pall Oil Purification Products

AFP are the West Australian distributors of Pall Corporation products, offering tailored oil purification products. Pall Filtration products and services cover every aspect of fluid management and filtration including oil dehydrator units, particle counters, condition monitoring devices, coalescers and filters.

Filtration & Fluid Management

Equipment Solutions

Flexible oil purification solutions – select from AFP’s standard equipment range, custom solution packages and rental equipment.

Modular Filter Assemblies
Filtration units designed to provide consistent and reliable protection of the system and its components. It features high efficiency filters capable of handling high flow and high pressure within a very limited footprint.High flow flushing unit ideal for large bore flushing and bulk volume oil conditioning.

Varnish Removal Skids
Air-driven filtration unit designed for polishing oil and varnish mitigation. Capable of removing both free and soluble varnish in turbine oil. Features full mimic panel with pneumatic controls and indicators, Pall depth filter vessel with diatomaceous earth for varnish mitigation, inline filter and Zone 2 Hazard Area rating.

Oil Dehydrators
Standalone oil dehydrator units for purchase or hire. The Pall HNP023 Oil Dehydrators uses vacuum dehydration to remove 100% free water and up to 90% of dissolved water. It is designed for use with small to medium oil systems, particularly where high viscosity fluids are employed.

Filtration and Transfer Skids
Air-driven fluid transfer and filtration skids designed to filter and replenish gas turbine oil reservoirs. Units can high efficiency RMF GOLU filter, full mimic panel with manual operating valves and pressure instruments and Zone 1 IIB T3 hazardous area rating.

Container solutions for oil filtration, dehydration and oil polishing