Hot Oil Flushing

AFP’s successful track record on delivering multi-million dollar hydraulic/lubrication pipework flushing packages in Australia is second to none. Our proven hot oil flushing procedures effectively remove contaminants present in pipework after installation to give the system a clean start and removes assembly debris. 

With branch locations in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, our people and equipment can mobilise quickly to any site or offshore facility throughout Australia to commence flushing works immediately. Whether it be for flushing of turbine/compressor lubrication systems, hydraulic or lubrication pipework, our qualified technicians and engineers will be able to deliver the most effective outcome. Our personnel are supported by a comprehensive flushing equipment fleet that is owned and maintained in-house.

Project Experience

Ichthys Hot Oil Flushing
Site: LNG onshore facility
Systems: Various GE gas turbines, GE compressors, Siemens compressors and Mitsubishi compressors

LNG Compressors (various)
Sites: GLNG, Roma, Eurombah Creek, Fairview, Spring Valley, Turree Creek, CSBP, Sino
Scope: Pressure test, hot oil flushing and purging

Cape Lambert Port B Expansion
Scope: Hydraulic and lubrication pipework design, supply, install, purging, flushing and pressure testing.
Systems: Car dumper 6 and 7

Prelude Hot Oil Flushing
Scope: Hot oil flushing and commissioning
Systems: Marine loading arms, turret ESD system

Flushing Equipment

AFP has built some of Australia’s largest flushing equipment. In order to effectively perform high velocity flushing for large bore pipe, our flushing rigs can deliver flow rates of up to 8,000LPM. Our growing equipment also includes flushing HPU, flushing rigs, and filtration skid for water/water glycol and mineral oils.

Oil Flushing Rigs to 1300L/min

High flow flushing unit ideal for large bore flushing and bulk volume oil conditioning.

Water Glycol Flushing HPU

This flushing HPU is designed to supply potable water or water/glycol fluids for use in flushing applications.

High Flow Flushing Rigs

The flushing rig is designed to be used in flushing applications where flow rates up to 6000L/min are required. Fully self-contained within a 20’ foot container, this unit consists of custom designed filters for highest flushing efficiency. Touchscreen controls allow the operator to monitor system parameters and control the pump flow rate.

Test & Flush HPUs

Multi-function HPUs designed for a wide range of flushing, high pressure testing and general hydraulic applications. AFP have multiple units available that are zone rated rated for test pressures up to 1380 Bar.

Auxiliary Equipment

A complete hot oil flushing equipment spread also includes the following equipment to facilitate the flushing process and get systems up and running quickly, cleanly and safely:

  • Filter skids
  • Oil dehydrators
  • Oil coolers/heaters
  • Fluid cleanliness field laboratory
  • Particle counters, patch testers and data loggers
Fluid filtration and management equipment

What is Hot Oil Flushing?

Hot oil flushing plays a key role during commissioning by removing any contaminants present in pipe and oil after installation. Hydraulic system and new rotating equipment may include:

  • Lube oil and hydraulic oil systems
    • Power Generation and Steam Turbines,
    • Mining Infrastructure
    • Pump and Compressor Systems
  • Hydraulic operating and control valve systems
    • Marine Loading Arms
    • Reclaimers and Stackers
    • Ball Mills and Crushers
    • Hydraulic Drives

To clean the pipes, turbulent flow is generated in the system to loosen and dislodge any contaminants. The fluid is then it is passed through filters until the desired cleanliness is achieved. Finally, cleanliness is reported and verified via particle counters and patch testing.

AFP’s hot oil flushing service packages offer:

  • Tailored equipment spreads containing flushing rigs, fluid cleanliness monitors, oil dehydrators, heater/coolers and mobile fluid analysis laboratories and workshops.
  • Fluid cleanliness to AS4059, ISO4406 and NAS1638 or another client specified standard. Cleanliness results can also be verified by 3rd party NATA certified labs.
  • Comprehensive project and engineering documentation, including work method statements, ITPs, flushing and fluid cleanliness reports, MDRs.