Bearing Grease Flushing

AFP has partnered with Ocean Team to offer a safe and effective patented bearing grease flushing program that minimises equipment downtime. The technology is designed to dissolve and remove old hardened grease so that fresh grease can be re-injected ensuring proper lubrication and longevity of the bearing. Key benefits include:

  • Up-tower flushing / filtering
  • Operations can be completed as quickly as 1 day/turbine
  • Dissolves and removes old and congealed grease
  • Prolongs bearing life and restores reliability
  • Standard AFP test procedures which above and beyond Australian standards
Wind turbine bearings closeup

Key stages in the program include:

  • Dissolving and removal of old grease: Injection of a corrosion inhibiting fluid to dissolve old and hardened grease
  • Thorough cleaning for contamination: Flushing with turbulent flow and filtration of the bearing system for fine contamination and remains of the old grease
  • Filling of new grease: Fresh grease is added to replenish the clean bearing system
  • Trend analysis for preventive monitoring: An efficient grease analysis program can prevent accelerating wear and possible breakdowns

Bearing Flushing Unit

Our dedicated bearing grease flushing unit ties in directly at the bearing’s grease points to efficiently clean and replenish the system in a single set up. The small compact flushing unit is driven by a 230 V electrical motor and is especially designed to dissolve and successfully remove old hardened and harmful grease and contamination from bearings.

This bearing flushing unit’s compact design, low power requirements and lifting slings makes it an ideal choice for wind turbine applications.

Windcare bearing flushing unit for bearing grease replenishment

Case study : Wind Turbine Grease Replenishment Program

Our client is a major power generation operator and asset services provider, maintaining multiple wind farms across Australia. Following a recent critical failure of a turbine bearing, they approached AFP and Ocean Team when other turbines in the park began displaying similar performance trends. Inspection of the failed turbine bearing revealed hardened/congealed grease to be the principal cause of failure with significant defects to the bearing’s outer race.

Following completion of the program, our client observed an immediate improvement to wind turbine operating efficiency and reduction in bearing temperatures and vibration, specifically:

  • Turbines were able to resume operating at full capacity following successful completion of the grease replenishment program
  • Efficiency gains and a 15% (8°C) drop in operating temperature, bringing this in line with the park average
  • Trend analysis of temperature and vibration confirms performance indicators are no longer tracing path to critical failure
  • Maintenance interval is extended until change out can be scheduled
Bearing Grease Flushing