Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)

AFP offers decades of experience in delivering high-end hydraulic systems for oil and gas, mining and various other industries .

Our hydraulic power units (HPUs) or hydraulic power packs feature state-of-the-art technologies to ensure safe control of hydraulic processes for onshore and offshore facilities. Installations including onboard FPSO vessels, subsea and topside systems, ship loaders, and mine sites around the world testify to the reliability of our power units.


Hot Oil Flushing

AFP has a proven track record of delivering projects safely and successfully thanks to our diverse experience in SMP (Structural, Mechanical, Piping) construction works.

Over the years we have developed a structured yet flexible approach that allows us to work closely with our clients and adapt to the unique challenges each project presents.

Fluid Management Services

AFP’s team of experienced hydraulic personnel provide expert assistance and technical assistance for improving efficiency, diagnosing potential problems and reducing unscheduled equipment downtime. Our fast and effective fluid conditioning services and equipment can be tailored to your specific requirements


Pressure Testing

AFP are NATA accredited for pressure testing (ISO 17025) in the workshop and onsite. As experts in fluid, gas and high-pressure systems and equipment, our procedures hold us to the highest standards and ensure accountability for the work we do.

We offer high pressure hydrostatic and pneumatic testing. All pressure tests are performed under controlled conditions, following an approved test plan, and delivered with documentation and test records

Grease Systems

AFP provides and an extensive line of equipment for grease lubrication and system monitoring. Our packages include grease injection units, piping, HPUs and various control options


Grease Replenishment

AFP has partnered with Ocean Team to offer a patented grease replenishment program that targets old and hardened grease. The technology provides an effective, quick and safe solution for bearing maintenance, especially for wind turbines. Our dedicated bearing flushing unit ties in directly at the bearing’s grease points to efficiently clean and replenish the system in a single set up.

Control line flushing and unblocking with Super Critical CO2

Ocean Team Scandinavia has spent five years developing a new flushing technology for long and narrow pipes which uses liquid and supercritical CO2 to clean the lines. This technology achieves high turbulent flow with Reynolds numbers beyond 30,000 to efficiently clean the line. 



AFP’s dedicated fluid connections department is equipped with hose crimping, cutting and skiving tools and laydown facilities for longer assemblies. We provide manufacturing, NATA testing and refurbishment services for a wide scope of hydraulic, chemical and industrial hoses.