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At AFP, we can supply high-pressure hoses rated up to 10,000 PSI. These are not your typical garden hoses and should be treated like a high-pressure vessel.

Ensure you know the working pressures and burst pressures of all high-pressure hoses before using them. This can be found on the labels near each hose end along with the test date and test certificate references.

Hose poster Capture

Following are our check-list when using high-pressure hose:

  • Inspect the hose for frayed, damaged or wear spots
  • Check the hose end connections for wear, rust, cracks or other signs of deterioration – these could product dangerous projectiles when the hose is pressurised
  • Know the working pressures and burst pressures of all hoses before use
  • Always use clean, filtered hydraulic fluids
  • Plan your hose run to avoid excessive bending , large vertical drops or vehicle traffic

High-pressure hoses do not last forever, but these tips can also helpĀ prolong the hose life.

Always treat high-pressure hoses with extreme caution. When in doubt, perform a hose audit, re-test and/or replace.

You can download our printer-friendly hose check poster from the link below:

AFP hose safety poster