Hydraulic Power Units

Custom equipment delivering hydraulic power to topside, subsea, mining and industrial applications.


Oil & Gas 

  •  Subsea production
  • Intervention and Workover (IWOCS)
  • Valve actuation


  • Conveyor drive
  • Apron Feeder HPU
  • Shiploader HPU
Custom IWOCS Hydraulic Power Unit for full subsea workover control

Our hydraulic power units are manufactured in-house to maintain the highest focus on system design and assembly with regards to HSE, controls, reliability and cleanliness.


  • High pressure systems
  • Accumulators for energy storage
  • DNV 2.7-3 frame certified for offshore lifting
  • Hazardous area ratings

Standardised HPUs

Hydraulic power units specifically designed by AFP to meet the widest range of hydraulic applications



The Testing and Flushing Hydraulic Power Unit (TFHPU) is designed to supply low & high pressure tap water or water/glycol fluids for use in hydrostatic testing, flushing and general hydraulic applications.

FLUID Water glycol, water, MEG, various chemicals
TESTING SYSTEM Air drive Max pressure of 1380 Bar at max flow 1L/min
FLUSHING SYSTEM Electric driveVariable flow rate up to 52L/min at 160 Bar
  • Independent low and high pressure systems
  • High pressure, air driven liquid pump
  • Electronically controlled variable flow rate for flushing system
  • Mimic panel for ease of operation
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Carbon steel lifting frame for forklift pockets tested to AS4991
  • Hose/tube pressure testing
  • Umbilical and valve testing Subsea valve actuation
  • General hydraulic applications
  • Chemical injection



Portable and compact HPU designed to supply low & high pressure for use in testing applications.

FLUID Water glycol, water, MEG, various chemicals
HP SYSTEM 0.5L/min @ 10,000PSI
LP SYSTEM 4L/min @ 5,000PSI
  • 2 x HP outlets and 2 x LP outlets for various testing applications
  • Auxillary circuit for fluid transfer and kidney loop flushing
  • Pressure regulation
  • High pressure, air-driven pumps
  • Mimic panel for ease of operation
  • Controls include pressure regulator, isolation and drain
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Zone 2 Hazardous Area rating
  • Hose/tube pressure testing
  • Umbilical and valve testing
  • Chemical injection
  • Valve actuation
  • Accumulation for HP and/or LP system



Portable HPU designed for general hydraulic applications

FLUID Mineral oil
MAX, PRESSURE 260 Bar (compensator setting)
  • Operator inteface panel for hydraulic controls
  • Bulkhead panel with 8 off DCV outlets and a dedicated flushing line
  • Electrical control panel to start/stop system and indicate faults
  • Stainless steel reservoir
  • Offshore painted carbon steel lifting frame
  • Auxiliary system for continuous cooling and filtration, including water removal
  • General hydraulic applications
  • Valve actuation
  • Oil flushing

Custom Built HPUs

Hydraulic power units tailored to client requirements

High flow mineral oil flushing rig

Turret SDV HPU

IWOCS TFHPU Extension Module

IWOCS TFHPU Extension Module

Custom IWOCS Hydraulic Power Unit

Custom IWOCS Hydraulic Power Unit