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Tube-Mac Non-Welded Piping

Authorised Australian distributor & installer

AFP are the authorised distributor and installer of Tube-Mac 37˚ Flare Flange and Retaining Ring Flange products.

  • 37º flare flange systems for pipe sizes 1/2” – 8” and pressures up to 6,000 psi
  • Retain ring flange systems uses heavy wall pipe and available in pipe sizes 1-1/2” – 10”

Used extensively in mining, industrial, marine and oil & gas applications, Tube-Mac provides a reliable weld-free solution for hydraulic piping saving time and money in comparison to welded solutions.

Quality, technical expertise and exceptional customer service form the basis of the services we provide. We ensure our installations are conducted to the highest quality and that parts and equipment are available throughout the duration of projects. Our trained and experienced technicians are equipped with all the necessary pipe tooling equipment to operate independently onsite.

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Tube-Mac Non-Welded Piping
Tube-Mac Non-Welded Piping

Tube-Mac 37º Flare Flange

The flared configuration is based on flaring the pipe ends to 37 degrees and utilizing flanges and internal cones. O-Ring face cone with o-ring seal mating to flat face cone. Both internal cones have back-up o-rings.

Standard flare flanges and pipe are available from 1/2″ – 8″ and pressures to 6000 PSI. The standard connection styles offered conform to SAE and ISO 4-bolt flanges. Other flange patterns may also be available.

Tube-Mac Retain Ring Flange

The retain ring configuration uses heavy wall pipe and has a machined butt end face, along with an annular groove on the outside diameter. After machining, the flange is slipped onto the pipe and a retain ring (which consists of a segmented stainless steel ring bound by a spiral wound stainless steel spring) is sprung over the pipe’s outside diameter nesting in the annular groove.

Pipe sizes 1 1/2″ through 10″ are available for use with retain ring flanges.