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Pall Filtration

Authorised Australian distributors

Pall is a global leader in industrial filtration, separation and purification for a variety of industries. 

As the Australian Pall distributor for West Australia, AFP works closely with Pall to deliver the best application knowledge, experience, and technical information to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the Mining, Oil & Gas and Industrial sector.

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High Performance Filters & Elements

Athalon High Performance Filters

Athalon™ maximum-life filters deliver the highest level of sustained fluid system protection, across all applications, regardless of severity. It features an industry leading BetaX(C)=2000* filter efficiency; the highest rated filter performance available today.

SUPRAdisc Depth Filter Vessels

SUPRAdisc filter modules provide a cost effective solution for off-line filtration in heavily contaminated hydraulic and lubricating fluids. Typical applications may include hydraulic function testers, crushers, gear boxes and oil recovery.

High performance hydraulic filters

Oil Dehydrators and Purifiers

Pall’s range of oil dehydrators and purifiers are designed to suit small to large oil systems, particularly where high viscosity fluids are employed. These units efficiently removes particulate contaminant in lube oil, hydraulic fluid or insulating oils. Benefits include:

  •  Extension of fluid life
  •  Improved productivity
  •  Purification of collected fluids
  •  Reduced time for fluid changes
  •  Less frequent fluid disposal
  •  Minimized corrosion within fluid systems
  •  Increased equipment reliability

Vacuum dehydration is the most effective method of water removal at minimum cost and ease of use. Unlike other methods, vacuum dehydration does not burn or degrade the properties of the oil, to further extend fluid life.

The Pall HNP fluid conditioning purifier uses vacuum dehydration to remove 100% free water and up to 90% of dissolved water. It also removes 100% of free and entrained gases and up to 80% dissolved gases.

Units are available for purchase or for immediate hire.

Oil dehydrator unit

Fluid Cleanliness Monitors

Fluid Cleanliness Monitors are diagnostic monitoring device that provides a measurement of system fluid cleanliness.

  • Hydraulically driven gas boosters
  • Proven design is reliable and robust, making it safe for continuous long-duration operation
  • Easily configurable design
  • Driven by custom HPU comprising of pumps, accumulators, filtration systems and reservoir
Fluid Cleanliness Monitor Unit