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LMI Pumps

AFP are the Australia Master distributors for LMI metering pumps for high accuracy industrial, process and water treatment applications.

Electronic and motor driven metering pumps for capacities of 0.8LPH – 1800LPH and low/medium pressure application. Liquid end designs in polypropylene, PVC, PVDF and stainless steel ensures there is a model to suit any process fluid.


The EXCEL® XR metering pump series feature enhanced drives and process control capabilities to provide the most accurate and reliable performance in the industry.
  • Stepper motor drive with advanced variable speed technology ensures accurate and smooth dosing
  • Mechanically actuated diaphragm pump
  • Manual, enhanced or Profibus/Modbus options
  • Flow rate capacity from 21.2 to 200.6 l/h
  • Max pressure from 4.1 to 12 Bar
  • Up to 1000:1 turndown ratio with +/- 1% steady state accuracy
  • Comes with Stayprime (de-gassing) function as standard
  • High viscosity liquid ends available

PD, AD, C Series

Designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications, the range provides a versatile and economic chemical injection solution that feature:

  • Up to 1000:1 turn-down capacity to take control of your application
  • Pressure up to 30.6 Bar
  • Flow capacities between 0.38 to 95 L/h
LMI PD, AD, C Series

G Series LMI pumps

G Series (GB and GM) metering pumps feature a rugged construction specifically engineered to handle higher output applications in harsh environments.

  • Capacity from 2.25 to 1800 l/h with 10:1 turndown ratio
  • Mechanically actuated diaphragm
  • Supplied with 3 phase, 415V TEFC motor (GM0025 = 0.37kW, all others 0.75kW)


  • Single phase 240VAC, Ex rated and integral VFD motors
  • External VFD for 4-20mA motor speed control
  • Servo motors for automatic stroke control
  • Diaphragm rupture detection
LMI G series pump - GB and GM