Tube and Pipe Installations

Turnkey hydraulic and lubrication systems



P&IDs, 3D models and design pipe runs design, backed by many years of industry experience



Supply complex pipe runs using non welded or welded connections



Provide qualified project personnel, site management and all the required equipment



Complete services including inspection, flushing, oil analysis, pressure testing, reporting and documentation

Our Equipment

Comprehensive fleet of tube & piping installation equipment for each project stage

Blue pipe bending equipment

Pipe Benders

Tubemac pipe flarer for weld free piping connection and installation

Pipe Flarers

Walform pipe flaring machine

Walform Machine

1070LPM mineral oil flushing rig is a yellow steel lifting frame

Flushing Rigs

Oil dehydrator unit on wheels

Oil Dehydrators

High capacity filtration unit in a red frame

Filter Skids

Water glycol testing and flushing hydraulic power unit with yellow lifting frame

Testing HPUs

Pamas water glycol particle counter to analyze fluid contamination

Particle Counters

Mobile pressure test pack

Test Packs

Tubemac Non-welded Pipe Connections

Complete piping projects faster and more cost effectively


Fast installation, minimum flushing and shorter down-time during repair and maintenance.


No chemical cleaning needed by avoiding contaminants such as welding scales


Prefabricated assemblies achieve connections of consistent quality


Connections can be installed in confined spaces with zero hot works hazards

Wide view of Karara mining facility during the hydraulic and lubrication pipework installation project


Karara Hydraulic and Lubrication Pipework Installation

Utilising non-welded piping technology, AFP was able to provide a cost effective solution that met the requirements demanded onsite. Specialist AFP plant & equipment enabled the works to be completed reliably and safely. Throughout the project AFP was responsible for the documentation of test reports, inspection and test plans, work method statement and as built drawings. AFP went on to competitively tender the site maintenance contract and continues to provide ongoing servicing and support for the Karara plant.

Pipework installation utilising tubemac non-welded piping connections


Dampier Fuel Wharf Hose and Pipework Installation

AFP project scope: Design, procure, install, test and commission – 1.2km of hydraulic piping & hosing for Cavotec mooring system utilised on the Dampier Fuel Wharf.